My intention is to help others deliberately create and live a life they love by leveraging energy, consciousness, and mindset. I hope to show + teach that creating your dream life is within your reach.  I want to make law of attraction and alternative concepts more approachable and, since this life is supposed to be fun, I’ll show you the behind the scenes of this life that I love including home decor, personal style and a whole lot more!

I believe that education on energy, consciousness and law of attraction can change the world. 

I think that hustle and grind isn't as lucrative as people think.

I love deciding who I’m going to be every morning.

I know that changing your thoughts can change your life. 

I wholeheartedly love my life.


I am a wife, daughter, sister, and friend living in Raleigh, NC and deliberately creating my dream life with the help of law of attraction. Self-development junkie. Lifelong student. Enthusiastic decorator, podcast listener and vacuumer. Lover of Trader Joe’s potstickers, a cold Coke and the lake – especially all three together. Oprah for president.


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