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finding affirmations that work for you

Affirmations are all the rage these days. Have you tried them? I can understand why someone would hesitate to stand in front of a mirror and talk to themselves, but there is a lot of evidence in favor of giving it a shot. Affirmations allow you to consciously rewrite neural pathways with what you want to experience more of. Hearing things over and over helps you integrate those beliefs into your life. But not every affirmation is created equal.

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measuring real success

I love a good thought-provoking question. I especially love thought-provoking questions when discussed within a group of close friends – a safe space for deep conversations. I have a game filled with these types of questions that I pull out sometimes when we have friends over and one of the questions I’ve asked most all of my friends is: what does success mean to you? Let me tell you, the answers have been fascinating.

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