so what now? life after quitting

If you're keeping score, I've been 'funemployed' for two months. Basically, I've made getting into alignment and finding what feels good my job. There are pros and cons to this. 


  • It's fun! I mean basically I just spend all day trying to figure out what I want to do next

  • I have some really, really good days

  • I'm able to do things from a more meaningful place and, as a result, get better quality outcomes

  • I'm making being in a good mood my first priority which is really good for my soul


  • Low days feel really low in comparison. I think this is easily the hardest thing about this process

  • Guilt, doubt and all the other negative emotions have room to surface and, given my 'funemployed' status, sometimes take over more than they should

  • Sometimes I'm just bored. That happens when you're not committed to one particular direction

  • Things I 'should' do don't always get done leading to more guilt or forcing myself into it.

Overall, this has 100% been the right thing for me. I've seen changes and growth over this journey the last year or so, but I knew I needed to take the leap and I'm so proud I actually did it. Life is short and I refuse to let my doubts and fears keep me from doing the big, scary things that will make a difference in my life. 

So back to the fun stuff! What have my days looked like since July 1? First of all, no two days are the same, which is great! I'm not really a creature of habit so I've liked the mix up. I've done some things to contribute to the household like painting the half bath vanity, cleaning, organizing, decorating, redecorating, etc. I've done a few different painting projects - though my brother's cornhole boards might actually be the death of me. But I think the most fun is just deciding what I want to do in the moment. There's been a lot of walking, listening to podcasts, dancing while cleaning, reading, and learning. There honestly hasn't been much gym time, cooking, or even leaving the house and I'm definitely okay with that. 

For now, I'm just flowing with whatever comes my way and trusting that the Universe has my back. I do believe that I am moving in the direction of 'working' more formally now that I've gotten a lot of my blocks out of my system and had some time to rest. Yes, I've definitely got more work to do, but I'm so happy to be in the middle of it! 

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