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finding my why

If you’re in the self-improvement space at all, you’ll know that finding your “why” is a frequently discussed topic and most people would tell you that it’s crucial for living a purposeful life. It’s also maddening when everyone is saying “you need to figure it out and here’s how” and then you still can’t figure it out. I read articles and blog posts and books. I listened to podcasts and youtube videos. I really, truly wanted to find what would make me fulfilled, but it eluded me.

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there's no "right" way

One of the things I sometimes get nervous about is that I come off as telling people how exactly to live their life. I have in the past been a very black + white person (sometimes I still am), but I’m realizing more and more that most everything is a little bit grey. I now get frustrated when people make sweeping assumptions about how something “should” be done. I don’t love the word should. And I don’t believe that there’s one right way to do anything. Here’s what I mean:

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