my second home


There’s a place called Hyco Lake and it’s magical. I’ve been going since I was young. My parents bought a place when I was 15. It’s my home away from home in the middle of nowhere. No internet, limited TV, small house, big porch and a dock. I snapped these pictures when I was closing us up for the season in preparation for a hurricane, so I didn’t get any pictures of our dock in all its glory but rest assured it’s the best part.

A few of my favorite things about the lake:

  • Spending time with my family

  • Getting (a little) closer to nature

  • Quiet

  • Sharing it with friends

  • Sitting in the sun

  • All the best snacks: Coke, cheese trays, chicken salad, flamin hot cheetos

  • Being on the water

While I was there I ended up raising the boat, cleaning the dock refrigerator out, putting floats away for the winter, storing chairs and kayaks, and saying goodbye. Can you tell summer is my favorite season? I’m always a little sad when I drive away from our last sunny visit of the year.

hyco lake - my second home
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