staying on track and avoiding autopilot

Staying on track with intentionally creating your life using the principles of law of attraction is an interesting dilemma. On the one hand, I don't want to force myself into a routine just to make sure I'm doing something every day because that's not fun (which by LOA standards means it's not as efficient either). On the other hand, I'm not a creature of habit and I also have some deep-seated avoidance tendencies. Basically, if it doesn't seem more fun than watching TV, I'm not going to make myself do it, and it is really important to me that I'm not just doing things to pass the time because that's not living. So that sometimes leaves me in an odd place.

If I wake up and remember a podcast I wanted to listen to or have a book I want to read, my morning alignment comes naturally and I don't have to worry. But there are definitely days when I sit up, put on an episode of Madam Secretary and before I know it, it's the middle of the morning, I haven't done much and I definitely haven't done much out of intention.

That's the biggest thing for me in this arena - intention. I don't ever want to be spending my day on autopilot. If i need time to rest and I choose to watch TV, that's totally different than forgetting to think intentionally and just ending up doing something mindless. So how do I stay intentional?

First, I try to make it my first thought of the day. When I first wake up in the morning, I think about what I want my day to look like and what I'd like to feel like at the end of the day.

Second, I try to remember some of the habits that I know help me have a good day. Things like meditation, visualizations, and quiet time might not be my first thought of things I want to do, but they certainly help me feel good which is a good reason to give one a shot.

Finally, I like to ask myself the following questions on a semi-regular basis:

⦁ What would bring me joy right now?

⦁ Who am I today?

⦁ Where am I not showing up?

⦁ What do I want and why?

⦁ What opportunities are presenting themselves right now?

Some of these are great for first thing in the morning, but others are good to ask yourself throughout the day so as to make sure all your moves are purposeful. Finding the underlying reason you want to do something and doing it deliberately is so much more satisfying than doing something because you "should" or because you didn't have anything better to do. Also, asking these questions to yourself during the day can help you course correct if you're not in the best place and need to adjust.

Obviously, it can be easier said than done to keep yourself on track but it's always worth it. And at the end of the day, I'm so much happier with the choices I've made when I know I made them on purpose.

staying on track and avoiding autopilot

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