my experience with intuition

Whenever I started hearing about law of attraction, meditation, intuition, etc, I would immediately start on an inner dialogue that went something like this:

"OMG this sounds amazing and perfect and I have to be meditating every day and talking to my intuition and I'll just do this every day and figure it all out"

1 week later: "I'm not sure I'm meditating right. Let me research it. I really can't tell what my intuition is saying. I'll just listen to a few podcasts about it. I'm not manifesting anything. Let me consult my books."

^ do you see the problem? Well, I didn't either at the time.


It's the bane of my existence right now, this need to find the exact answer. To get 'there'. To know what I'm doing already!

The reality is, there is no right answer. You never get 'there'. There is no finish line or perfectly summed up chapter ending. Life is continuous and you're always going to be in the middle of something.

So to refer back to my previous dilemma: There's no 'right' way to meditate. Just stop thinking about it so much. Your intuition is there, you just need to practice hearing it. There's no 'right' way to do this either. And HELLO, you're manifesting all the time, but you've got to see the small manifestations and work up to the big ones. It's a process, practice, journey. There are no clean breaks, ends or beginnings so just figure out how to be right here in it and enjoy where you are without wishing for something else. That's the key to all of it anyway, right?

My Experience with Intuition