meet seb

Today is a great day! It’s the day my favorite person was born! I love birthdays, but this one is especially fun. In honor of his day, I thought I’d do a formal introduction.

Meet Sebastian George, the best husband in the world.

bracey and seb rehearsal

Here are a few things you should know about him:

  • He’s a master funny face maker (see examples below)

  • He’s starting a farm…in a shipping container (look it up - it’s pretty cool)

  • He looooooooves ice cream - we’re talking a completely full bowl almost every night

  • He is incredibly likable and people genuinely enjoy his company but he’s a pretty serious introvert

  • During said introverting, you can usually find him playing video games of the single-player strategic/adventure/simulation variety

  • He cuts his spaghetti into tiny pieces before eating it (who does that??)

  • He hasn’t really exercised in years (photographic proof of a sprint triathlon from college included because I didn’t believe it at first)

  • His favorite cocktail is a margarita

  • He’s incredibly detail oriented and started his career in quality assurance

  • He can eat SO MUCH in one sitting but doesn’t usually eat breakfast or lunch

  • He is a devoted NC State fan - Go Pack!

  • He’s the cutest ginger I ever did see - way too many pics below for proof!