my blogging story and holding myself accountable

Thus far, I've talked about my former career, quitting my job and what's happened since then, but I haven't really touched on this blog yet. Here's the thing, I've ALWAYS loved reading blogs. I love getting a peak into other people’s lives and hearing their point of view, especially the everyday, in between stuff that you wouldn't otherwise hear about.

Throughout college I read tons of blogs and over the years have narrowed down my favorites. I more than toyed with the idea of starting my own during my first few years post college. I even tried to start once and didn't really get anywhere. But I had all but forgotten the idea of starting a blog in the last few years. So how did I end up here, you ask?

Well, the story starts with a life coach. For years, I balked at the idea of a life coach. I'm perfectly capable of living my own life without help thankyouverymuch. BUT I love self-improvement. So after having worked through my own blocks and emotional baggage for months, I decided a second opinion couldn't hurt and I took a look into life coaching.

I could write a novel about how much I love it and how I think everyone should have some sort of neutral party that can weigh-in and help see your crap from a different perspective....but I digress. I started working with my life coach about two weeks after I quit and Y'ALL IT WAS THE BEST THING. It literally took an hour for me to realize that after months of wondering what my 'why' was and what I was passionate enough about to make a career, the answer was right in front of me the whole time and I just couldn't see it. I LOVE personal development and law of attraction and energy and consciousness. I was spending hours of my day learning and absorbing and spewing my findings to anyone who would listen, so why not make it my job?

When she and I first started talking about the concept of using my passion for these things to make a business, we started at a high level - think website, e-courses, large audience, speaking engagements. And while I was SO JAZZED to finally have an idea of what I wanted to do, this vision seemed really scary and hard. Which threw about a dozen new blocks and issues we had to work through.

What I finally came to is that I need to start small, so I don't scare myself out of doing something awesome. Because even if only ten people read this thing (hi mom!), I'm still reaching ten people and hopefully they'll take away something helpful from this place. I don't want to count myself out of that big dream, but right now, this blog feels like a long time coming and I'm really happy it's here!

What now?

So one thing I was struggling with was finding the motivation to work on this everyday as if it were my job. Once I dug a little deeper, it became clear that I was holding myself back. I didn't feel like this was a real job because I wasn't yet making money. Once I identified that limiting belief, the next step was to figure out how I could get past it. What could I do to make myself believe that this was my job and come at it with that commitment?

The answer to that is a funny one. I decided to create an employment contract. Because I am the type of person who is very respectful of the agreement between an employer and employee, it made total sense to me to set up that same situation in my own business. Now, it's much easier for me to look at that piece of paper and know that I'm on the hook to my business for certain things. I included job requirements to make things even more specific. Did I set my goal for 40 hours/week when I'm already struggling to focus? No. But I know that once I get momentum going, I won't have trouble working more hours. Also, for the sake of full transparency, I don't want to be working 40 hours per week on the reg anyway. Some people may see that as a lofty goal, but I believe in asking the Universe for what you want regardless of how out there it seems, and given that I'm working for myself, I can set my own hours anyway.

And in the interest of making this my job, I went ahead and set myself some business goals as well. These two exercises have completely changed my mindset about this business and I’m running after it with everything I’ve got.

Where to?

Basically, getting to work! I feel like I’ve already made great progress and I’ve got SO MANY ideas for content. I’m so lucky to be working on something I’m so excited about and I can’t wait to see where it takes me! I’m also really excited to be sharing this journey and I hope sharing these things in real time will help you on your own journey. If you’re feeling stuck in any way, consider what it is that’s holding you back and how can you hold yourself accountable to move past it.