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new year planning with flow

I LOVE a new year. Seriously, probably my favorite time of year after Christmas + summer. As you may know, I used to be a hustler. I loved the idea of working hard + getting shit done. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong in that mentality, but I always reserve the right to change my mind + in light of what I’ve learned about Law of Attraction, that just doesn’t work for me anymore. So you can likely see my dilemma this year since I’ve gone from hustle to flow mentality.

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a new way to measure growth

Sometimes I have a hard time verbalizing my growth and personal changes because they’re not the typical growth path society expects. From the outside, I’ve quit a “successful” career to start a business where I’m not making much money yet. It’s hard to quantify the changes I’ve had in my mentality and overall well-being and I can only say, “I’m wayyyyy happier” so many times before it gets annoying.

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