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how to save a bad day

Once Wednesday rolled around, it didn’t want to cooperate. I started off the day in a decent mood, but not really my chipper self. We got a series of frustrating news about the inspections and it was one of those days where we were in constant contact with our realtor. By noon, I was thoroughly stressed out and completely out of alignment. And do you know what I did? I tried to push through. I did the one thing I know doesn’t work. I tried to keep going when things weren’t flowing. So here’s how I deal with my “bad” days.

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developing emotional responsibility

Feelings are hard. Recently though, I’ve realized how different my emotions and mood swings are than they used to be. I used to cry at the drop of a hat. Not that something sappy doesn’t still make me teary, but I don’t cry anymore just because I’m frustrated, angry, or took a wrong turn on the way home. Once you have a handle on what’s going on with your emotions, you can decide how to deal with them. A really awesome side effect of this is that you come to understand that other people’s feelings are not your own and are not your responsibility.

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a new way to measure growth

Sometimes I have a hard time verbalizing my growth and personal changes because they’re not the typical growth path society expects. From the outside, I’ve quit a “successful” career to start a business where I’m not making much money yet. It’s hard to quantify the changes I’ve had in my mentality and overall well-being and I can only say, “I’m wayyyyy happier” so many times before it gets annoying.

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