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january favorite things

January is always a bit of a weird time of year. You’re coming off the holiday rush and have hopefully rested up for the new year, but there are lots of expectations and things people are working towards. All you want to do is clean and organize your house. Also, it’s freaking dark all the time and if you’re like me, you forgot to start taking your vitamin D when you should have. So in the spirit of some light-hearted fun, here is a list of a few of my current favorite things.

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new year planning with flow

I LOVE a new year. Seriously, probably my favorite time of year after Christmas + summer. As you may know, I used to be a hustler. I loved the idea of working hard + getting shit done. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong in that mentality, but I always reserve the right to change my mind + in light of what I’ve learned about Law of Attraction, that just doesn’t work for me anymore. So you can likely see my dilemma this year since I’ve gone from hustle to flow mentality.

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8 tips for party planning + prep

My mom is an entertainer to the core. Her love language is gift giving and I’m pretty sure her favorite gifts to give are good food and a good time…maybe a good cocktail too. She has turned her party throwing into an art, optimizing every part of our house to best serve the crowd and prepping for days in advance to make sure she’s not too overwhelmed the day of. So I’ve been learning from the best for years and I thought I’d share what I’ve seen + learned.

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