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brown betty: living room 1.0

We did it! We worked our butts off in June and July to get most of the downstairs done for an engagement party we were throwing at the end of July. See the list of to-dos here. The one thing I didn’t really touch was the kitchen and I’ve since started work on that. So here’s a peak at what the living room looked like before we started and how we’ve transformed it into what it is now!

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a custom vanity made for a cat

See, we used to have a litter box in our pantry, but when we redid our kitchen, the pantry didn’t exist any longer. I needed to figure out a solution for hiding the cat box because there was no way I was just going to leave it sitting on our floor and I really didn’t want to relocate it to one of our upstairs bathrooms, so I hatched a plan to include it with our half bath vanity.

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the kitchen: our best before and after

The kitchen needed work. The laminate cabinet doors were peeling, there was wallpaper that had been painted over and was peeling off the walls, and the pantry was bright blue. And then….we had a plumbing issue. After learning that we would have to rip up and refinish the hardwood floors, I decided to take the opportunity to do some of the remodel work in the kitchen that I’d wanted to do all along.

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