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introducing: brown betty

Appropriately named for her most prominent feature, Brown Betty is our new home! She’s brown on the outside and brown on the inside – even the yard is kinda brown. While I’m not the #allwoodeverything type, I do appreciate her character and the beautiful wood used in her construction. This house needs LOVE. We didn’t have a washer/dryer or refrigerator at move in. The burners on the stove work but not the oven. The dishwasher is questionable enough that we’re afraid to use it. The carpet is original to the house and there are plenty of things that don’t work the way they should, but WE’RE IN LOVE.

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valentine's day decor

I know that Valentine’s Day isn’t at the top of everyone’s list of favorite holidays, but I love it! It’s in that sweet spot in the year where there aren’t a ton of things going on and a little extra love in the world never hurt, right? Still, you’re probably not going to slap hearts all over your house the way you deck the halls for Christmas. It’s just one day so I’m not proposing a big production, but I like to put out some of my favorite red + pink décor around the end of January to bring a little color into an otherwise dreary time of year. Here are a few ways I incorporate Valentine’s décor into my home and included are a few suggestions for Valentine’s themed pieces to use.

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how to sustainably declutter your home

I know that everyone is on the Mari Kondo train right now. And goodness knows I can get on the bandwagon for only having things in your home that bring you joy, but I just don’t think her methods are particularly sustainable for me. I think that people often fall back into the trap of buying things that they might not need and, to be honest, I would never commit my time to folding my clothes that way. But I do think that only keeping the things that you use and love is important - I just take a different approach.

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