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my newest love

I don’t think anyone who truly knows me will be surprised about this, but I have fallen in love with overalls. I knew it was bound to happen. My dad’s signature style is overalls. You know, the legit pointer brand ones that look like you should be working on the railroad. And they’re just so fun! But when they first came back in style, I looked and looked for the right pair and didn’t have much luck. Then I saw these. I asked for them for Christmas. And it’s true love, y’all. They’re so comfortable and practical. That front pocket is the best – it fits my phone perfectly. Also, THEY’RE FREAKING CUTE. I mean there’s about 1 million ways to style them (maybe a post for another day?), they work for all types of weather, they are practical, and they’re stylish. What’s not to love?

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