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white shirt dress for spring

I put this outfit on and immediately loved the combo. It’s incredibly comfortable while still looking nice. It’s also easy to elevate with a swap of the sandals for a pair of espadrille heels or leopard flats. This black cardigan goes with just about anything, but is especially nice for this time of year when it’s not cold but not quite warm either.

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spring style inspiration

After a week in palm springs, i’m ready to fully embrace warm weather style. It’s not quite warm enough in Raleigh just yet and half my clothes still need to be unpacked, but a girl can dream! I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what makes a killer wardrobe and I think the key ingredient is feeling awesome about every aspect - style, fit, comfort. This spring comfort is really calling my name and I want all the comfy pants! And no, that doesn’t only mean leggings and sneaks… What it does mean is:

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