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a colorful, modern wedding

Let me tell you a tale of the greatest party ever. The fact that it was the best party ever is practically a miracle because let me tell you - wedding planning was not my forte. So all of the credit goes to the people who helped put it together - namely my mom. She made decisions when I didn’t want to and organized most everything. We also had AMAZING vendors. I mean LOOK AT THOSE FLOWERS! Here’s a little bit about our day and how everything came together.

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2018 year in review

I don’t even know where to start with this post because this year has been BONKERS. I started off the year fairly new in my law of attraction journey and was devouring content like it was my job. We got married, traveled, learned a lot, and had so much fun. I left my corporate job, started a blog, Seb started his own business, and we’ve both grown a ton. Here’s a recap of some highlights month by month (though I’m sure the best stuff was in the details).

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