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date night any night

Seb and I don’t often go on planned, formal dates so my date night outfits almost always involve some form of jeans. We’re just as happy eating pizza on the couch as we are in a nice restaurant (though I’ll never give up Gravy). Last weekend, Seb surprised me with horseback riding lessons (so fun!) and any home project that we’re collaborating on can be turned into date-night with the right attitude.

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a colorful, modern wedding

Let me tell you a tale of the greatest party ever. The fact that it was the best party ever is practically a miracle because let me tell you - wedding planning was not my forte. So all of the credit goes to the people who helped put it together - namely my mom. She made decisions when I didn’t want to and organized most everything. We also had AMAZING vendors. I mean LOOK AT THOSE FLOWERS! Here’s a little bit about our day and how everything came together.

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