the importance of intuition

Intuition: the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning

Sometimes intuition sounds big, mystical and confusing to me but the bottom line is it’s your gut feeling and everyone has it. I feel like our mind-focused society has largely ignored the merit of intuition and, therefore, most people aren’t practiced at hearing and listening to theirs.

The number one thing I've come to believe in the last few months is that following your intuition gets you where you need to be. Rather than forcing, planning and executing on a future that you decide makes sense in your head, consider the possibility that you've got access to something deep inside you that knows the best next move. How else do you think true innovators make the leaps that they do? They don't have a road map to follow. They don't have things they 'should' do to be successful.

I truly believe that following the inner guidance system that we're all born with will get us where we need to go. Call it Holy Spirit, divine guidance, or destiny, we've all got the opportunity to stop thinking so much and just do what feels right.

I've realized that no matter what comes of this journey - whether I end up working part time at a gas station or CEO of a Fortune 500 - I won't regret it as long as I was true to myself and followed my instincts instead of my anxieties. More heart and less brain. More listening and less planning.

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