how to use law of attraction to: find a partner

Back again with the LOA how-tos! I know that there are a few areas of our lives that feel like a “big deal” compared to others. Things like career, money, and love. Today, I’m touching on the love topic - finding a partner! I’m so grateful for such a strong relationship that grounds me and I know others are seeking that as well. I fully believe that my energy around my relationship status (aka being happy alone while still expecting to be married eventually) helped me attract Sebastian and here’s what I have to say on how to start attracting your ideal partner:

how to use law of attraction to find a partner

1. Make a wish list

Make a list of all the qualities of your ideal partner. Add shared hobbies or activities you plan to do with this person. Include a list of the things you currently do alone that you’d like to include your new partner in. Try to find a balance between adding details and pigeon-holing yourself. Sometimes the best manifestations are ones that you can’t predict so include a big “OR something even better” at the very bottom of the list so you’re leaving things open to being better than you anticipate.

2. Make space

Making space is incredibly important for attracting in new things + experiences. Here are a few areas to pay attention to for attracting a partner:

a. Forgiveness

Make a list of grievances you’re holding on to and people you haven’t fully forgiven. You should be at the top of your list for all the things you blame yourself for in your past. Try a ho’oponopono forgiveness meditation on YouTube for releasing those past attachments. Remember that forgiveness is more about letting yourself move forward than letting the other person off the hook.

b. Letting go of past relationships

Though it is related to forgiveness, letting go of past relationships is worth mentioning separately because you can’t attract something new when you’re focused on something old. If you had a previous relationship that you were happy with, try adding the things you enjoyed about that relationship to your wish list and letting go of the rest. Anticipate that this new relationship will be the best of what you’ve had and more instead of imagining that old partner.

c. Physical space

This is a fun one – make physical space for your new partner! If you live alone, set up a second bedside table for your ideal mate. That might include a lamp + some books or a candle + trinkets. Other things you can do to create a welcoming physical space are picking up coffee mugs your new partner might like to use, buying an extra toothbrush or robe to have on hand, or making a spot for them to hang their coat or keys. Seeing these things around your house can also be little reminders that your perfect partner is on the way!

3. Go on dates

Maybe you’re not at the place where you’re going on dates with other people, but you can date yourself! Think about you dream date and take yourself on it. While you’re there, stay as high-vibe as possible. Instead of going down the “i wish my partner was here” rabbit hole, try imagining what it would be like for them to be here. Enjoy the vision of having that dream date with your dream person. It’s a surefire way to get yourself in the dating mood.

4. Self-confidence + faith

As with any manifestation scenario, your energy is important! If you’re feeling less than attractive, try some self-love techniques or go to the gym to help remind yourself how strong you are. The more confident you are that love is out there and your perfect partner is on the way, the faster it will happen. Take a look at any limiting beliefs you may have around this topic to be sure you don’t have any major resistance to a relationship. Some common limiting beliefs around relationships are:

  • I am unlovable

  • I am broken

  • There’s something wrong with me

  • There’s no one out there for me

  • It’s not safe to put yourself out there

5. Stay open + say yes

This is your action step. Go on the dating apps. Go to bars. Say yes to dates. Say yes to every date the crosses your path (unless it’s sketchy). Ask someone out! This is basically your refinement period. After every date, especially the bad ones, you can use the things you did or didn’t enjoy to refine your wish list. Think of each date as bringing you a step closer to your future partner. Taking these actions and using the resulting contrast to your advantage tells the Universe that you’re serious. When you’re unsure or feeling down, try reading this to yourself:

I am so grateful that my perfect partner exists. I am worthy and deserving of love and companionship. I am so glad I met my ideal match. We go to [insert fun activity of choice here] together and have the best time. I love spending time with my partner. My family and friends love them. I am so happy to have this person in my life!

What do you think? Are these steps you could actually see yourself using? Are there other tips you have for manifesting a partner? If you’ve got another topic you’d like me to cover, leave it in the comments!