how to use the law of attraction to: get a new job

When most people approach law of attraction, they have an end goal in mind. Given that fact, I thought I’d do a little series of how-tos for manifesting different outcomes and up first: getting a new job. Don’t forget to check out more of my law of attraction articles here.

how to use law of attraction to: get a new job

A better job is an awesome thing to want to manifest because being happy with our work and enjoying all the time we spend doing it is important! The happier you are at work, the happier you are in other areas of your life and this is especially important if you’re working 40 hours or more because you’re spending so much of your time in the office. Here is a rough outline of what you can do to manifest your next (and more awesome) job!

1. Make a wishlist

Make a list of exactly what you want out of a job without limitation. Don’t make a list of what you think you could get. Instead, make a list of your dream scenario.

2. Ask yourself why you can’t have it

Finish this sentence (preferably in written form): I can’t have my dream job because ________. Framing it this way will bring up any limiting beliefs you may have around getting your dream job. It may take asking this question a few times (and over the course of time) to really clear everything up, but facing it head on will allow you to understand and reframe those limiting beliefs.

3. Get in an ‘I can’t wait’ mindset

Be excited about your new job! If there’s a situation that’s less than ideal in your current job, instead of getting upset by it think, “I can’t wait until I have a new job that will allow me to ____.” Dream about your new job, think about your new job, talk about your new job and get really happy about having it.

4. Visualize your dream job

This is a big one and something that should be repeated often. Visualize yourself in that dream job. Think about what your desk will look like and what it’s like to interact with your new coworkers. Think about a big project that you’re loving working on. Dream about how nice it is to drive into work for a job that you love. Really feel the feelings that you will feel once you have the new job.

5. Get into the energy of success

Loosely tied to the visualization of your new job is getting into the energy of success. You want to embody that person who already has the job. That energy will help you attract what you want and also command the room once you get an interview. Maybe the version of you who already has the job gets up in the morning and cooks breakfast to start the day the right way. Maybe that version doesn’t sweat the small stuff at work. However you think you’ll feel (confident, fulfilled, content) make a list of ways that you can feel those things now and go do them.

6. Look for opportunities

Obviously it’s unlikely that a job is going to fall right into your lap. You have to show the universe that you’re serious by putting in your share of the work. Make a habit of checking job boards a few times a week. Reach out to people in your network who might be able to help. Tell people you’re looking. Do all the things you know to do to get a job with the expectation that you’re attracting the job.

7. Know that the right job is coming

It’s inevitable that you’ll find a great job for you eventually. Try to stay in that positive expectation and not put any timelines or restrictions on when or how it will show up. If you need a mantra for this, you could try: My success is inevitable and everything is working in my favor.

8. Give gratitude for your current situation

This is huge (and sometimes hard)! You can’t expect a new job to fix everything. If you’re finding everything wrong with your current job, odds are you’ll do the same thing at a new job. Try to fall back in love with the job you have (even if it sucks). Find anything you can latch on to that’s good about it. Make a list every day of the things that went well. Be so thankful to the company for providing your paycheck and an opportunity to work. Be grateful to your coworkers who help you do what you need to do. You can even be grateful for the less than ideal aspects because they help you refine exactly what you want in your next job!  

9. Be patient

And when you are starting to lose your patience, sit back into that visualization of your dream job. Let that vision soothe you as much as you can. Being happy and satisfied with the vision will dispel your anxiety and help you stay patient. Stay in the excited + anticipation vibe as much as you can instead of sitting in any negative vibration that your current job might encourage. Remember: your success is inevitable!


What do you think? Was that helpful? It was fun to write! There are so many other things that could be touched on here like what energy you’re putting into applications and acing an interview, but it’s a lot to cover in one blog post. And sometimes it’s easier for a 3rd party to see a specific situation objectively and make a plan. Which is exactly why I started coaching! A coach can be a valuable resource when you’re unsure of yourself or need another set of eyes. If you’re interested in working with me, check out my packages here and let me know if there’s another how-to that you’d like to see on the blog!