5 reasons you need a linen jumpsuit

This linen jumpsuit is one of the most worn pieces in my closet. It’s my go-to for the warmer months and one of my best purchases. I could wax poetic about it but instead I decided to give you 5 reasons you should get a linen jumpsuit yourself - and I’ve included a few options at the bottom of this post!

5 reasons you need a linen jumpsuit
  1. It’s the easiest way to wear pants + still stay cool

Linen is so breathable and comfortable. Perfect for a southern summer (or spring that’s already 80 degrees) when you’re not in the mood for or the occasion isn’t appropriate for shorts.


2. You can get dressed in a second and still look put together

Part of the reason I wear this jumpsuit so often is because I’m chronically late and this is very easy for me to throw on and go. Practicality is an important part of my wardrobe!


3. As comfortable as sweatpants

I’m not saying that all jumpsuits are super comfortable, but the combo of the linen + wide leg is a winner in my book. Make sure you find something that works with your body type and you’re golden!


4. Works for just about any occasion

  • Baby or wedding shower

  • Running errands

  • Brunch

  • Date night

  • Picnic

  • Traveling

  • Out for a walk

I honestly might even wear one to a sporting event or funeral in the right color!

5. They’re stinkin’ cute

I mean come on, just look at these options. There are so many these days!

Another thing to mention is that the choice of shoes + coat/sweater can drastically change the vibe of a jumpsuit. Maybe I’ll do a post on different ways to style them? There are so many styles/fits these days it’s just a no-brainer. Seriously, give a linen jumpsuit a try!

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