date night any night

This is an excellent example of an easy, slightly elevated date night look. I threw it on quickly on our way out to dinner. It’s something I might wear with sandals during the day that easily transitions with the swap of a shoe + earring. Most of the time, I can’t be fussed for anything that isn’t comfortable and this outfit wins the award for comfy + cute.

a casual date night outfit

Seb and I don’t often go on planned, formal dates so my date night outfits almost always involve some form of jeans. We’re just as happy eating pizza on the couch as we are in a nice restaurant (though I’ll never give up Gravy). Last weekend, Seb surprised me with horseback riding lessons (so fun!) and any home project that we’re collaborating on can be turned into date-night with the right attitude.

I guess nothing is off limits for us really. I think that has to do with how we approach what we’re doing. If nothing is planned, we both tend to do our own thing, but it’s important to make time to actually spend time together instead of just existing in the same house. All that really takes is a little intentionality to turn your previous plans or ‘to-do’ list into date night. Maybe that’s a laundry + cooking date, maybe it’s a grocery shopping date, or maybe it’s a Lowes date (our personal favorite). No matter what activity we have planned, we’re happy spending intentional time together. Though I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that Seb’s favorite part of date night is the ice cream night cap! What are your favorite ways to turn a normal night into date night?

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