my favorite amazon purchases

I believe sharing is caring when it comes to good (and inexpensive) purchases. I was reordering something from Amazon and realized how many things we love and use everyday came from Amazon so here’s a roundup of all of my Amazon favorites!

braceybee amazon favorite purchases

Cute Compost Bin

If you weren’t aware, my husband is a giant tree hugger and one of the things he was most excited about when moving into our new house was our ability to compost. I, of course, wanted to find a sustainable and attractive way to compost and this bin was the winner. It mounts on the door to our sink cabinet which is great because instead of throwing junk down the disposal, I can just open the door and throw them in this bin. Plus, it’s cute + mint so, ya know.

Gold Curtain Rods

I found these as an alternative to some really expensive ones I loved at West Elm and they are AWESOME. They look much more expensive than they are and aren’t too skinny which is something I look for in curtain rods. Definitely a great purchase.

Sports Bras

I have been looking for a sports bra I love for no less than 3 years. I still have ones that are probably ten years old that I always fall back on because none of the new ones have measured up BUT I finally found some I love on Amazon and am replacing all my old ones with these.


Everyone has a favorite pen, right? These are the ones I stock up on.


I am not one of those girls who loves to go to Ulta/Sephora. In fact, I actively avoid it because there’s not one that’s convenient for me. So when I realized my favorite foundation is available on Amazon, that was obviously a game-changer.

Unleash Your Inner Money Babe

The challenge/book that helped me manifest $75,000 . I think this is one of the things that I’ve invested in over the last year that I got the most value from.

Loose Leaf

My favorite morning tea. This is probably my most reordered Amazon product.

There it is! My favorite Amazon recommendations. Let me know what yours are in the comments!