guest bedroom + moving update

This is absolutely not what our guest bedroom looks like right now. Luckily, I finished shooting our townhouse the week it went on the market so I’ve still got a few room reveals to show you guys before we get started on the new house!

guest bedroom reveal + moving update

Our guest bedroom in the townhouse is a really cool room and one of the reasons I loved it right off the bat. Inside the room is a set of stairs leading to a loft. This was the perfect setup back when I had a roommate because she got a little living room area + a bedroom in one! And once she got married and left me, we turned the loft area into our office which was clutch since we now both primarily work from home.


It has been interesting bringing Seb into this house that was first mine. I didn’t make a ton of changes (and he really didn’t have that much stuff), but I did try to incorporate some of his things into the house. The grey bedspread here was his and tones down my crazy Anthro bedspread. This headboard was a door from my grandparents house. In college, it was red and when I moved it here, I repainted it blue. The TV swivels which means you can angle it towards the bed for guests or leave it straight for streaming yoga/workout videos. All in all, this is a pretty versatile room and is probably used more than the average guest bedroom. I’ll be posting the loft/office sometime next month!

Right now, this room is full of moving boxes. Because we accepted a cash offer on the house, we have to be out about two weeks before we move into the new house. All this furniture is already in storage and while leaving this house will surely be bittersweet, I am SO EXCITED to get to renovate our new house and make it exactly what we want. We’re having a few friends over the first week in the new house (late March) so that they can see it before we begin renovations in earnest. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Seb and I in regards to housing, it’s that we love to make things better and we work well together on projects like this. I can’t wait to build our dream home together. Get excited for some serious home makeover blog posts!