my favorite manifestations

During this last season of business, I realized that when I’m short on time (and a little stressed out) I often forget to see the miracles that are right in front of me. In order to combat that, I decided to revisit my list of all the amazing manifestations I’ve created in my life over the past few years and I thought I’d share a few of them with you. I’d highly encourage you to make a list of your own because we often forget how far we’ve come. Reveling in your wins is an easy way to get the good vibes flowing.

my favorite manifestations


I always said I would bring two of our family dogs to live with me one day. Finding a house with a giant fenced in yard out of the blue was a great manifestation of this long-shot wish.

Clarity in career

I can’t tell you how many times I put this in my journal. Through a trip to Alison’s Brand School (also a pretty big manifestation) and the subsequent work, I got very clear on exactly what I wanted out of my business.


You’ve likely heard the story about how we manifested $75k on the (very unexpected) sale of our home. Did you also know that months later I got a random 2k check in the mail pertaining to the sale? I’m also really good at ending up with random cash that I didn’t expect. Not a bad way to be.

Brown Betty

Speaking of the house sale, our new house is a major manifestation! The money we manifested from the sale covered our down payment (and more), the house is on almost an acre of land which is unheard of in this area, it checked every box on my wishlist, and we weren’t even the highest offer. The owners selected our offer because of my name. What are the odds?


This was such a funny one. I kept saying I wanted to get cable but Seb never wanted it and it wasn’t something I was actively working on. Regardless, Spectrum called him up and offered him a good deal on their cable streaming service which he accepted without even a discussion on my part. Surprise!


I was dying to get a job in product management and ended up manifesting a job in the right field but with an awful company culture. Once I had had enough there and decided to leave, another perfect opportunity came out of thin air. Earlier this year when I was feeling guilty for not contributing more to our household income, several part time opportunities came out of nowhere. I can surely attract some money + jobs!

These are all sizeable manifestations but some of the best ones are the small day to day things that make you smile. Like the day that I went to the social security office fully expecting a long wait and ended up having my name called at the exact time that my podcast episode finished up and only about 45 minutes after arriving.

One of my favorite tricks is to keep an ongoing list of manifestations (big + small) on my phone. I love being able to look back at (or add to) my list of wins wherever I am. It’s like a little bit of magic in my pocket <3