where i am: july 2019

I am content. I honestly didn’t know what else to write. I am busy and a little overwhelmed with all the things I want to get done but in the best way possible. I have so much content I want to create to help guide other people to be their best and design an incredible life for themselves. I LOVE coaching and I’m running full speed ahead with it. I’ve been heads down for the last few weeks just getting as much done as I can while at home and spending my time off really being off.

where i am july 2019

You may have noticed that I’ve gone down to two post per week instead of three. This was totally intentional as I realized that the coaching is where I want to spend my focus. I love doing the personal updates and I also love using the blog as a free way to teach so you’ll still be getting one of each of those types of posts every week, but I’m letting some of the less fun stuff like roundups and style posts go by the wayside.

Coming off our 4th of July mini-vacay I was ready to get home and get back to work. I’m heading to Atlanta for some random projects/work and I’m getting as much done before I leave as I can. None of this work feels hard or forced which is a new feeling for me. I am actually enjoying being busy in a way I haven’t experienced before and it’s so nice! Enough of my gushing – here’s what’s going on right now!

what i’m working on:

Taking more action

I’m harnessing this really fun surge of masculine energy to get things done. I’ve also come to the realization that things are 100% easier once I get started and that’s helped me combat my inertia. Recently, I did a bunch of strategizing and now I’m just cranking through all the things I want to create. Speaking of, have you checked out my free 5 steps to clarity guide?


Y’all all that talk of manifesting income is finally happening! The trickle is turning into a flow in earnest and I’m here for it. Part of the behind the scenes work I’ve been doing is setting up diverse ways for people to pay for content no matter what their budget or if they’re not ready to invest in one on one coaching just yet.


Of course this is on the list. Honestly, it probably wouldn’t be if it weren’t for the party we’re hosting at the end of July, but physical labor has been a good break in between the stuff I’m working on and helps me not get burnt out with work.

Looking forward to:


Not only because it’s going to be super fun but also because I’ll have more free-time and brain space.


Duh. I’ve pretty much only got a two-track mind right now. Party prep + business.

And that’s really it because truly I am so content with where I am right now. I’m happy just chugging along with growing this business and working towards the v1 of the downstairs renovation. We’ve got some fun stuff planned for September but I don’t want to wish the summer away so I’m not getting excited about that just yet. I want to just enjoy my days and the work that I get to do and how wonderful my life is at the moment.

Here’s a shameless plug for my life coaching services because I really believe that I only get happier, healthier, and more fulfilled because my number one priority is my own growth and development. I’ve invested in myself via coaching, self-care, courses, gym memberships, self-study and probably one hundred other things, but putting intention and dollars behind making myself better is the best investment I’ve ever made, and I want the same for everyone else too. If you’re interested in my packages, check them out here and even if it’s not the right fit, please do something to grow, learn, or challenge yourself today!