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finding my why

If you’re in the self-improvement space at all, you’ll know that finding your “why” is a frequently discussed topic and most people would tell you that it’s crucial for living a purposeful life. It’s also maddening when everyone is saying “you need to figure it out and here’s how” and then you still can’t figure it out. I read articles and blog posts and books. I listened to podcasts and youtube videos. I really, truly wanted to find what would make me fulfilled, but it eluded me.

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valentine's day decor

I know that Valentine’s Day isn’t at the top of everyone’s list of favorite holidays, but I love it! It’s in that sweet spot in the year where there aren’t a ton of things going on and a little extra love in the world never hurt, right? Still, you’re probably not going to slap hearts all over your house the way you deck the halls for Christmas. It’s just one day so I’m not proposing a big production, but I like to put out some of my favorite red + pink décor around the end of January to bring a little color into an otherwise dreary time of year. Here are a few ways I incorporate Valentine’s décor into my home and included are a few suggestions for Valentine’s themed pieces to use.

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