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how to save a bad day

Once Wednesday rolled around, it didn’t want to cooperate. I started off the day in a decent mood, but not really my chipper self. We got a series of frustrating news about the inspections and it was one of those days where we were in constant contact with our realtor. By noon, I was thoroughly stressed out and completely out of alignment. And do you know what I did? I tried to push through. I did the one thing I know doesn’t work. I tried to keep going when things weren’t flowing. So here’s how I deal with my “bad” days.

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law of attraction: alignment before action

Action is much more effective if you’re aligned and in a flow state. Everything is easier, faster and better quality. We’ve all had those days where literally nothing goes our way (aka we’re out of alignment) and our work that day suffers for it. Alignment time in the morning is an easy and really enjoyable thing to do to make your days better – whether you’re doing it for law of attraction purposes or not.

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