law of attraction: alignment before action

Alignment before action – arguably the most fun part of law of attraction! You can check out previous posts in this series here, but here’s a quick LOA recap.

  • Everything (and I mean everything) vibrates at a certain frequency. That means you.

  • Like attracts like. Your vibrational frequency attracts things at that same frequency.

  • You can intentionally change your vibration to attract more positive experiences.

law of attraction basics

What is alignment?

Alignment is the state of being in harmony with your dreams and desires. Being in a positive state. Being in the same vibrational frequency as your soul. Basically, alignment is feeling good.

Why is alignment important?

Being in alignment means that you’re the best vibrational match for what you want. Remember, like attracts like, so if you’re in a place where you feel happy, hopeful, and certain that everything you want is already on its way, you’re A LOT more likely to attract it. More alignment = faster manifestation of desires.

How do you get into alignment?

The process is different for everyone, but here are a few ways:

  • Moving into the next most positive emotion

    I don’t want to insinuate that if you’re depressed or overwhelmed that you need to go straight to elation because that’s not reasonable, but you can try to intentionally move yourself up the emotional ladder. So if you’re angry, what would it take to move you into disappointment? If you’re overwhelmed, what can you do to reach frustration or boredom. Questions that I ask myself in these situations include “how can I see this differently” and “what am I making this mean.” Because you always, always have control over your reaction to a situation even if the situation sucks. If you’re interested, here’s the emotional scale that I typically reference.

  • Doing what feels good

    My favorite thing to do in the morning is to ask myself what would make me feel good right away. That could be eating a yummy breakfast, listening to music, or watching your favorite morning show. There’s no right or wrong answer but seeking out what will make you happy is honestly the best way to get into alignment because decision after decision continues to make you feel even better. The more you do this, the better you get at quickly distinguishing what is aligning for you and what is not. Read more about finding joy here and my morning routine using this method here.

  • Finding faith

    I say finding and not having because sometimes if you’re not in the best place, you don’t initially have it, but you can remember what it felt like when you did. I have things I fall back on when I’m not feeling particularly certain like rereading favorite books or quotes, listening to a SuperSoul Sunday podcast episode, or watching a Tony Robbins or Abraham Hicks video on YouTube. Something uplifting that reminds you that the universe does indeed have your back.

How do you stay in alignment?

I think this might be the trickiest thing, especially for those people who might not be in their ideal life scenario. Self-awareness is incredibly helpful here. Specifically, the ability to notice when something is not aligning for you or when you’re in a downward spiral and then stop it in its tracks. Meditation can go a long way to help with noticing your thoughts and feelings instead of letting them run an endless loop in the back of your mind. As for stopping negative momentum, the same process applies as my previous thoughts on getting into alignment or finding joy in your everyday.

So what about the action part?

Your action is much more effective if you’re aligned and in a flow state. Everything is easier, faster and better quality. We’ve all had those days where literally nothing goes our way (aka we’re out of alignment) and our work that day suffers for it. Not everyone has the luxury of opting to delay action (or go to work) until they’re aligned, especially when working a typical 9-5, but if you can seek as much alignment as possible before you start actioning, your results will be better AND you’ll enjoy the process a lot more.

Obviously from a law of attraction standpoint this is very important, but even if you’re not bought into LOA, there’s still value to be drawn here. Do you have better days if you’re in a more positive mindset? Are you paying attention to what makes you feel good + productive? Are you intentionally setting yourself up for good days? It’s easy to get caught up in the ‘getting there’ and forget to enjoy it. Alignment time in the morning is an easy and really enjoyable thing to do to make your days better – whether you’re doing it to improve your vibrational frequency or not. Happy alignment time, friends!