january favorite things

January is always a bit of a weird time of year. You’re coming off the holiday rush and have hopefully rested up for the new year, but there are lots of expectations and things people are working towards. All you want to do is clean and organize your house. Also, it’s freaking dark all the time and if you’re like me, you forgot to start taking your vitamin D when you should have. So in the spirit of some light-hearted fun, here is a list of a few of my current favorite things.

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  1. Gold Straws

    I got mine at a local shop, but I love these reusable gold straws. They are honestly giving me an excuse to hydrate and provide an afternoon pick me up in the form of a cute glass + straw combo.

  2. Celery Juice

    I know, I hopped on a wellness bandwagon. In my defense, I had been thinking about it for a while and decided to try it just so I could declare how disgusting it was. I don’t love celery. I don’t hate it either, but I really thought it would be one of those situations where I had to chug the first glass and then would never want to do it again. I was pleasantly surprised though. The taste isn’t overwhelming, it starts your day feeling really healthy (which makes me more likely to stick with the healthy momentum), and it has SO MANY health benefits. Also, it’s a lot quicker + easier to make than a smoothie so that’s a big plus for me. If you’re interested in reading more about the benefits, check this out.

  3. You

    This Netflix series is blowing my mind. It puts you in a situation where you find yourself rooting for the bad guy and definitely leaves you on the edge of your seat. So basically it stresses me out, but I can’t stop watching!

  4. Alison's Best Year Ever

    Okay, okay, this is technically a ‘new year, new me’ type thing, BUT this is literally the best way to review your previous year and plan for the next that I’ve ever seen. Seriously, it’s so good. The idea is that sometimes your growth isn’t easy to quantify, but still ought to be recognized so she asks questions like:

    • Has your resilience/self-awareness/body acceptance increased, decrease or stayed the same?

    • Did you implement any practices that help connect you to your higher purpose?

    • What relationship did you develop or grow that means a lot to you?

    • What new things did you try?

    • Has your gratitude for _______ increased, decreased or stayed the same?

    • How do you want to feel?

    • What habits or thoughts do you need to let go of?

    • Do you feel like your mental/emotional/physical/spiritual health is in a place that allows you to live the life you want? If not, what steps can you take?

    These are only a few of the very comprehensive set of questions in the Best Year Ever worksheet. Go download it for yourself here or listen to the podcast to get inspired.

  5. Bamboo Plant

    I needed a little height on our mantle and was looking for something fresh which made me think of a plant. After a little browsing at Lowes, I found this bamboo plant that’s perfect for the spot. Plus it needs practically no maintenance which is important if I’m not going to kill it.