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what i'm packing for mexico

It’s almost here! Every year, I get the winter blues and I find the best way to help is to get away somewhere warm. This year, we’re headed to Tulum, Mexico and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s my first time in Mexico and I don’t speak a lick of Spanish, but I’m so ready for tequila, tacos and SUN. Packing for a warm weather trip in the middle of winter is a very strange thing, but I think the stark contrast makes it a little easier to identify your favorite summer items since it’s been so long since you’ve worn them. Here’s a look at what I’m packing…

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a little january color

In keeping with the idea of finding something uplifting to mix up the January blahs, here’s a colorful outfit to get you through the colder months. It was actually sunny for a hot second while we were taking these pictures, which was amazing, but one of the reasons I love this sweater is because it’s super warm and comfortable. Warm + stripes + color + bell sleeves = the perfect sweater.

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