following joy can change your life: here's how

I swear the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. At the end of last year I started committing myself to alignment time in the morning – taking time to do things like meditating, reading or listening to podcasts that make me the best version of myself to tackle the day ahead. I’m not great with, nor do I love, doing the same exact thing every day, so what this quickly evolved into was finding the thing every morning that would bring me the most joy.

follow joy change your life

This was an important shift for me! Instead of having to do the same three things and being annoyed about having to do them, I simply woke up and thought about what it was that day that would bring me the most joy. Sometimes it was eating yogurt while watching instagram stories, sometimes it was taking a walk, and sometimes it really was the meditation and reflection that I know is great for my mental health.

But the best thing that happened when I started thinking this way was that I was able to apply it throughout my day, especially when I went to work and something frustrated me or threw me off my game. It’s a simple thought. What would bring me joy right now?

The thing that happens when you make that shift is that you make your day better moment to moment. And then your days get better. And then your weeks. And then, guess what – you have a whole new mindset!

This was extremely helpful in my previous job, but even more so once I quit, because then my job became finding joy and alignment in my everyday life. This allowed me to explore my interests and do things that felt good, which put me in touch with my intuition. I had to listen to my gut to figure out what felt right, which in turn lead me to listening to my gut for other things like what the heck I should even do with my life.

The positive mentality I’ve cultivated + trusting my gut has allowed me to create a life I’m excited to pursue with everything I have and I’M HAPPY. So here’s a quick look at that process front to back:

Finding joy > living every day intentionally > removing negative thoughts and limiting beliefs > aligning with your purpose > going after what you want > realizing your potential > creating a life you love > finding fulfillment in all facets of your life

And it all starts with one small shift. What would bring you joy right now? Go out and do it.