my favorite hippy things

Some people call it hippy, New Age, woo-woo, or airy-fairy, but I just like to think I’m ahead of the curve. In the same way that yoga used to only be for hippies, some of the things I love some people consider to be alternative. While I do believe that the US culture is gradually starting to accept some of these concepts like crystals, sage, and tarot, you’re welcome to take what you want from this list and leave the rest. The primary reason I practice some of these things is because they’re fun so if it feels fun for you, give them a try!

my favorite hippie things


Sage is an herb often burned for the purpose of energetically cleansing (also known as smudging). I burn sage when I want to get rid of a negative thought pattern or if I’m just feeling a little off. I think it smells good (like a fire), but I know some people aren’t as big on the smell. Some people make this very ritualistic. I mostly just light it when I feel like it. To each their own.

Ritual Deck

Tarot and the like can be complicated and wasn’t something I was interested in investing a lot of my time in, but I did get a Ritual Deck (oracle cards) from Zenned Out. I love this deck because it’s pretty and easy to use/interpret. Normally, I’ll shuffle three times, cut the deck, and pick a card. Sometimes I’ll do that with a particular situation I’m struggling with in mind with the intention of receiving guidance from the card selected. Other times, I just hope the card I pull is what I need to hear. It comes with a guidebook to explain each card which makes it very easy to work with. There are a lot of ways to use an oracle deck and they can be as serious or fun as you want!

Tapping with Brad

I couldn’t leave out Brad. I wrote a whole post on tapping here, but in short, it’s using energy meridians (the same ones used in acupuncture) to help embed affirmations in your subconscious. This is one thing I practice regularly to make sure my subconscious beliefs are exactly what I want them to be and not something I’ve adopted from other people or society at large. I never want my subconscious to run the show and tapping helps me take control of that. Right now I’m doing a Money Magnet Mindset course with Brad, but he has a ton of them including:

·       Tapping into Self-Love

·       Tapping into Your Best Self

·       Tapping into Vibrant Health

·       Program Yourself for Success

Manifestation Babe Podcast

I love Kathrin. She’s inspirational and gives you actionable tips to implement in your life on how to attract a life wilder than your wildest dreams. I also used her 21 day Money Babe Challenge book to help manifest the $75,000 we made a few months back.

And She Rises Podcast

Amanda Frances is a BOSS. Her energy is incredible and it’s hard not to feel like you can take over the world after listening to her podcast.

Insight Timer

This meditation app has a great selection of meditation options and tracks your progress. I’ve tried a few different apps and this is the one I’ve been using for months.

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats is a type of music that is supposed to transition your brain waves into different states and they have one for just about every purpose. I have no evidence that they really work but I used to listen to the Deep Focus playlist on Spotify and now instead I’ll just pull up something on YouTube like this or this and it gives me background music for a few hours at a time. Can’t hurt, right?


This has been my most consistent practice of anything I’ve done for the last two years. I almost always have my notebook on me if I have an important thought, want to write down an inspirational quote, need to get in touch with my intuition, or just need to process something. I used to think journaling was weird, but now it’s my jam.

Other Stuff I Like or Want to Try

  • Intention Candles

I haven’t bought an intention candle yet, but there are lots of options like money, abundance, intuition, clearing, etc. These look good and these are out of Charlotte!

  • Crystals

I have some crystals and enjoy them because their pretty. I do believe that they have a special energy that can be beneficial, but I’m not crystal crazy like some people are. I’d love to get a crystal necklace like this customizable one sometime.

Very similar to sage. I really want to try this but just haven’t picked any up yet.

  • Essential Oils

I love diffusing essential oils, but I’m hit or miss on when I do it and I’m not a pro at deciding which to put together. Also, there seem to be a ton of uses for essential oils and I’m not well versed in them.

  • Reiki

I took a Reiki class last year and it was so enlightening. Reiki is an energy healing modality and you can use it on just about anything! Though I am technically licensed, I don’t practice nearly as much as I should – especially on myself.

So what do you think? Anything on this list you’re practicing or would be open to trying? Let me know in the comments!