moving past fear of judgement

One of the biggest struggles I've had in creating this website is fear of telling people about it, specifically putting it out on social media. I am from a small town that I tend to associate with small-mindedness and, while I know that's not true of many of those people, the thought of telling everyone that I believe in something as non-traditional as law of attraction is pretty scary.

The thing about it though is, once you understand it, it's not weird at all. To me, it makes perfect sense and I know that I'm passionate enough about it to want to shout it from the rooftops. But I still haven’t completely come to terms with the possibility of judgement or criticism from others. So you see my dilemma here.

fear of judgement bracey by design

This is definitely something I’ve been diligent about working on because I know putting myself out there is crucial to spreading my message. Of course this is a work in progress, but here’s what has helped me move past fear of judgement:

1. Setting the intention that my work will reach only who it needs to

I cannot even tell you how great this is! Because basically what I've done is say, "okay universe, i want this message to reach those i intend for it to reach and it doesn't need to do anything else." Which means if it only gets six likes, I still reached six people and that would be more than enough! I think it basically is setting the intention that the post is not about me, but about the message that I'm here to deliver. And that message doesn't need to be for the masses. Setting this intention means that numbers don't matter! Three cheers!

2. Deciding that What I create is no longer mine after I share it

I heard this on a podcast somewhere but I'm sure it originated with someone amazing like Brene Brown or Elizabeth Gilbert - a thing is no longer yours once you share it. This takes the pressure off a ton! Because I just made the thing. If you don't like it, that's your opinion. After it's flown the coop, it's no longer mine to worry with- it's a collective thing. And if you don't like it, oh well, it's not just mine.

3. Visualizing being ‘there’ already and embodying it

Now that I’m clear on what I want, it is incredibly easy for me to see myself being successful at it. But the in between causes some struggle - the idea of going from normal person to influencer - because that means exposing myself. But one thing I can do is put on my future hat. I visualize what future, better me looks and acts like for a while and then I decide to be her right now. This is especially helpful in completing particularly hard tasks because I only have to hold on to that persona for the duration. For example, talking to an established blogger might make current me nervous, but future me already knows how to do it so I just let her handle it.

4. Knowing that I am meant to create and share

I really love the notion that our creativity is not our own. Being creative is the one thing I've identified with for as long as I can remember, but now I love the thought that my ideas aren't really mine but something bigger than me. And my job is to stay open enough to hear them and then help them develop. It makes me feel like a farmer. I didn't make the seed, but I surely helped it become a vegetable. And not using those talents would be a waste for both myself and the others who would benefit from my crop.

The funny thing is, focusing on these things has turned my whole mentality around and it’s easy to revisit these four tips when I’m feeling less than confident. I’m slowly finding my groove and learning how to share naturally and in a way that feels good to me. If there’s something you’ve been hesitating on for fear of judgement, I’d encourage you to focus on the best case scenario instead of worrying over things that could go wrong and remember that you’ve got a purpose - don’t let fear get in the way.

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