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law of attraction: scarcity mentality

There’s this thing called Scarcity Mentality and I hate it because it breeds fear. It tells you that there’s only so much of something and that if someone else has what you want, there’s less of it available for you. If someone else has success, there’s less for you. If someone else has money, there’s less for you. If someone else has love, there’s less for you.

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the honest truth about a law of attraction lifestyle

A law of attraction lifestyle to me means: pursuing my joy and purpose every day, looking for new ways to grow and learn, and intentionally creating the life I want to live. And the truth is, that’s what I set out to do – tell the story of what it really looks like to live a law of attraction lifestyle. I haven’t been doing that so here’s the real truth of the uncomfortable middle.

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tapping into your best self

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping is a technique very similar to acupuncture that capitalizes on the meridians in your body but that can very easily be done at home without any training. One of the biggest reasons I love tapping is because it’s easy and makes me feel better immediately. Tapping can be used to improve physical health, strengthen relationships, boost confidence, curb anxiety – honestly, there’s probably an EFT video for anything you’d like to change or improve.

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