a two month speed renovation

It feels like forever ago that we decided to pivot and do a smaller scale fix-up to the downstairs instead of the full renovation like we’d planned! I’m calling it version 1.0 and I’m actually so happy we decided to go this route. Honestly, just the sheer amount of painting and small projects is overwhelming so I’m not sure I could’ve handled a full renovation just yet.

speed renovation

I posted this about our change of plans on May 17th and by June 4th I had agreed to host an engagement party for some friends on July 27th. Whether we’d be able to get everything finished in time was definitely a concern, but we really needed more outdoor space than the other hosts had available and they graciously offered to help with whatever we needed in order to make it work. So we started hitting it hard almost immediately. Here’s a list a full list of projects with everything that’s still left to do in bold.

·       Build + plant mosquito repelling flower boxes

·       Plant pots for deck

·       Clean up deck + backyard

·       Clean up/weed front yard/beds

·       Tidy front + blow off driveway

·       Wash windows

·       Fix gutters

. Hang drywall in living room

·       Replace all outlets + light switches

·       Remove dining room carpet + baseboards

·       DIY dining room floors

·       Paint all of the downstairs walls, trim, baseboards, and doorways

·       Spray all downstairs + upstairs hallway doors

·       Finish painting upstairs hallway walls + doorways

·       Remove carpet on stairs

·       Paint stairs + railing

. Brick mortar repair inside + outside

·       Add baseboards in living room + reattach them in dining room

. Change out some light fixtures

·       Shop for rugs, coffee table, etc

·       Hang art + decorate

We’ve gotten a lot done already and some of things that are bolded are started but not finished. There are also some smaller, miscellaneous things like a frame that Seb is building for the wall above our couch. I’ll feel about a million times better once we have some floors in the dining room and the painting is done which I’m estimating to be completed by the end of next week.

We also have a ‘things we’d love to do if we have time’ list that includes:

·       Painting the kitchen cabinets + changing the hardware

·       Painting the fireplace

·       Spruce up the half-bath

·       Painting the flower boxes

·       Painting a DIY linoleum rug for the kitchen

·       Finish flooring at the top of the stairs

·       Painting the tile flooring

I’m thinking we’ll likely only get 1 or 2 of those things done if any. And as with any renovation, this list just keeps growing over time – fix one thing and notice something else that needs to be done! We’re also going to have to do a big deep clean right before the party, groom the dogs so they’re not shedding everywhere, and all the other typical party prep.

My current state of mind is tired and a little overwhelmed but with my sights firmly on the finish line. I know that I’ll be so proud of our work when we’re done, and the deadline is keeping me motivated. I’d be lying if I wasn’t tired of holding a paintbrush though. Two coats on everything in about 1000 sq ft means a lot of hours painting! Seb has been the real MVP – putting in the same hours I am for something he didn’t technically agree to – but he loves a challenge and is happy to see everything coming to fruition. I think we are both thoroughly excited about our 4th of July lake time for a little break!

Some people might call me crazy trying to take this all on in two months but we’re going to get it done and it’s going to be awesome. Plus, I probably could’ve gotten away with a smaller project list, but I knew what I wanted and what we could do!  Stay tuned for more updates and a full reveal of the downstairs version 1.0!