where to find modern, affordable rugs

I have spent what feels like hours sourcing rugs for our living room and bedroom so I thought I’d share the wealth of what I’ve found. I previously had a West Elm rug in our living room that I loved but it just wasn’t durable enough for a high traffic area with pets and I didn’t want to put that much money into another rug that would get beaten up. But I think I found the perfect solution!

where to find modern, affordable rugs

I didn’t solve for our bedroom quite yet, but for the living room, I went with….


I’m already so excited about this rug and I haven’t even rolled it out yet. It looks great in person, is reasonably priced for an 8’ x 10’ rug, and is WASHABLE. Their system is set up with a rug cover and separate pad so you can take the cover off and wash it in your washing machine! This setup means that down the road I could also buy a new cover or have an extra to swap them out from time to time! They have a wide variety of styles and I was able to find a few patterns I like which is honestly pretty rare. I’m so jazzed about Ruggable but the only downside is that they don’t offer anything larger than a 8’ x 10’ currently so I was out of luck for the bedroom.

Rugs USA

The name might be cheesy but they have a huge selection and some of those rugs you see everywhere like this guy. They have some good modern neutrals that I thought about like this cream honeycomb, a fun diamond pattern, or something textural. I also just found this one that is now a contender for the bedroom since they have it in a 9’ x 12’!


Wayfair has a few stand out modern designs compared to other sites I searched but fewer options. There’s a good chance I’ll eventually get either this or this for our downstairs.


Overstock like Rugs USA has an incredible selection. I really want this rug for our bedroom if it comes back in the ivory color in the correct size. I’ve found a few good neutrals like this and this. The Safavieh collection is good for larger size rugs if that’s what you’re in the market for. This one is a contender for the bedroom as well.

Obviously it’s hard to find rugs that are as beautifully designed as West Elm’s. I LOVE their patterns but it can be hard to justify the price tag. But now we know there are alternatives if you’re not wanting to put that much money into their rugs. I’m especially excited to see what new patterns Ruggable comes out with and I’m crossing my fingers for 9’ x 12’ options in the future! If there’s a place you love to get modern rugs, let me know in the comments!