designing a blue master bedroom

If you’ve been watching my stories on Instagram recently, you know that I had planned on painting the trim in our master bedroom blue. While that may be an unorthodox design decision, I love the color blue. Seb loves the color blue. And I really wanted to bring some color into the room without it being overwhelming. As you’ll see below, our master in the townhouse was a light blue (i think Bird’s Egg by Benjamin Moore) with aqua curtains. While I loved the color, I wanted something a little more understated for the new house.

designing a blue master bedroom

After testing a few paint samples on the trim, I wasn’t feeling great about it. I revisited my inspiration photo courtesy of the amazingly talented husband + wife team at Room for Tuesday and realized they had actually used a gray trim paint that photographed a little blue. So I grabbed a few gray paint samples I had, added them to the trim, and immediately felt better about those options. But, settling on such a neutral backdrop means I’m going to have to bring color back in the decor big time. I know I want a to pull navy, light blue and maybe some teals in, but I’m going to stew on it a while and see what I find. Our cow print will very likely make it back into the master and I pulled a few of decor options I’m considering for you to peruse at the bottom of the post.

Right now, we’ve got 95% of the floors laid in the new master and I’ve started painting the walls but a neck injury has me resting for a few days before going at it again. In the meantime, here’s a look at our previous master in the townhouse. I’ll be reusing the bed-frame, dresser, lamps and maybe the bedside tables until I find something else I like better, but I predict these pieces are going to look a lot different in the new master. I can’t wait for you to see! Let me know what you think!

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