a green bar cart for spring

At the moment, we have approximately 653,543,234 projects on our list for this house, but I’m doing my very best to enjoy where we are right now. Part of that means making the most of what we’ve got, including this bar cart. While I did have to move it to take these pictures (a brown background wasn’t working for me), I set up the bar cart like I always do - and this time with a green theme for spring!

a green bar cart for spring

I love how easy it was for me to style this way. I don’t have all my accessories unpacked so I had a limited amount to work with. House plants are always a great addition to liven up a bar cart, but this time I used them as my main source of color. Also, aren’t these food puns by Marie Saba the cutest? I stuck them in an Ikea frame and they are some of my favorites.

One thing I think a bar cart always needs is fun bottles. I’ve linked a few options below that I love. Also, I couldn’t find my North Carolina cups online (shop local!) but I did find the matching dish towel which would look great on a bar cart. Also, my pickled + blitzed cups from Fishs Eddy are the cutest, aren’t they! There are actually two more - turnt and sauced!