a gift guide for the gals

This is basically just a list of all of the things I have and love. Sharing is caring, right? It’s almost overwhelming how much is available for women when it comes to gifts, but these are the things that I’m loving so you’ve got an honest opinion on what would be a great gift.

gift guide for gals
  1. Cleansing Oil + Moisturizer

    I swear this stuff has changed my life. Anytime I can have less stuff in my beauty routine, I’m here for it. This oil is a cleansing oil, a makeup remover, and a moisturizer. It’s one of the best things I’ve found for the moisturizing piece and it’s $20! Also, it smells amazing. Literally there is no reason not to order it.

    P.S. Don’t be fooled into thinking putting oil on you skin will make it more oily - sometimes your face produces oil because it needs moisture!

  2. Quality Jeans

    I am a jeans girl forever and always. There’s a reason everyone talks about Madewell denim, people. It’s just worth it. For a first timer, I’d suggest a classic skinny jean. If you’re looking to mix it up, these are my favorite dad jeans and I’ve heard amazing things about these too.

  3. Daily Inspiration

    Every day when I sit down at my desk, I flip my daily card - sometimes twice if I don’t like my first pick! It’s a simple pleasure to start the day. These are so cute and have the best sayings. I think they really help inspire you and open your mind before you start cranking away at work.

  4. Boots

    You really can’t go wrong with shoes. These patent boots are the boots I wear the most and feel the most ‘me.’ I love Marc Fisher shoes in general. They’ve got some awesome leopard options this year. I also get a ton of compliments on these camel heeled booties.

  5. Cute Snail Mail

    I think this greeting card subscription is a super fun gift for women of any age. I gifted my mom one earlier this year and she loved it! I love getting my set of cards in the mail every month and they’re all just so cute - plus you get a nice pen with them. The envelope they come in is as cute as the cards themselves and I have several of them hanging on the wall in my office. They come in 1 month, 3 month or 6 month subscriptions so it can be tailored for any budget!

6. Hair Essentials

I have a lot of hair and these are two things I swear by - a no-slip hair tie and spin pins. The spiral hair tie is what I put my hair in to sleep or if I need to put my hair up without getting creases in it. It’s the only way I’ve been able to go from up to down with any success. The spin pins are awesomeeeee if you have long hair that refuses to stay up in a top knot. They keep that thing high and tight until you’re ready to take it down.

7. Graphic Tees

I feel like this is one things that never truly goes out of style, but there are some really good ones right now. Ban.do is my favorite for graphic tees. I have the ‘going places’ tee, but I also love the ‘i believe in disco,’ ‘available for weekends,’ and ‘always happy hour’ tees just as much. It’s almost impossible to choose!

8. Leggings (Duh)

Gone are the days when leggings meant those flimsy cotton suckers that always required adjustments if you were doing much moving around. I almost exclusively wear workout leggings these days and my go-to is Old Navy activewear, but I’ve got my eye on these which are supposed to be an amazing Lululemon dupe!

9. Candles

You know I love a good candle. Capri blue is a quality line that is sold in some larger stores like Anthropologie, but also at smaller stores as well so you are able to shop local. Anthro’s signature Christmas scent is one of my very favorites and has been a hit when I’ve given it as a gift too - they also last forever!

10. Cozy sweaters

I was introduced to this sweater (and brand) via Jessica of MyStyleVita and was immediately obsessed with it. I bought a very similar style sweater from Gap about three years ago and I wear it around the house ALL THE TIME. I would wear it out in public, but at this point, it’s looking pretty ratty. I’m so stoked to have found something with the same basic shape in a waffle weave!