one black sweater - three holiday outfits

I never truly understand bloggers who style fancy holiday outfits. At our family gatherings, a skirt is pushing the boundaries of too formal. Most often, I’m in an elevated version of jeans + sweatshirt (aka jeans and a sweater - see below) but I thought I’d show a few different holiday options styled with a black sweater ranging in levels of formality because who doesn’t already have a black sweater in their closet. I’m wearing a slouchy turtleneck sweater here, but these outfits would all work equally well with a crew neck cashmere or a v-neck sweater.

Option 1: Sweater + Skirt + Boots

I love this outfit. Like I said, it’s a little formal for our family gatherings, but I’ve worn this to dinner a few times and it’s awesome. Very likely the most comfortable way to style a skirt. And if you haven’t yet noticed, I’m obsessed with these boots. They are so comfortable and work with just about any outfit. They also come in a variety of colors including leopard - highly recommend.


Option 2: Sweater + Statement Pants + Booties

These are my holiday pants! I got mine a few years back at Old Navy, but these are another good choice. Statement pants are such a fun way to dress things up during the holidays. But if you’re not looking to be quite so literal with your outfit, there are more subtle ways to do a statement pant like a polka dot, velvet, suede, or these (my personal fav) tuxedo pants.


Option 3: Sweater + Jeans

Just too good not to include. As mentioned, this is most likely what I’ll be wearing while I’m playing sous chef to Seb and eating until I can’t eat any more. These jeans are the perfect eating pants because they’re super stretchy and very comfortable for post-meal naps. I think the important thing to make a simple jeans + sweater combo really work is a great shoe/earring combo. You’ve got to elevate the accessories to make a simple outfit more interesting and tortoise earrings do the trick.

law of attraction basics

There you have it - three easy outfit options for this holiday season. We’ll be enjoying lunch at our house with Seb’s family tomorrow and then having dinner with mine. We’re lucky to be close enough to do both families in one day. Seb loves to cook for Thanksgiving so we’ll have our hands full with that tomorrow and then I’ll be knee deep in Christmas decorating on Friday which is one of my favorite things! I tend to think of Thanksgiving as a great way to kick off the Christmas season so it’s one of my favorite holidays by association. Wishing you all a full and happy holiday kickoff!