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how i manifested $75,000 and how i know it was a manifestation

So I told you the story about manifesting a bunch of money by selling our townhouse, but what I didn’t tell you was that we ended up making about $75,000! What?? It was crazy town and I want to share the love and tell you exactly why I truly believe it was a manifestation and not just happenstance.

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not sure about law of attraction? read this.

If you are a law of attraction skeptic, this one’s for you! In the past I’ve struggled with the concept of teaching others how to leverage law of attraction to manifest something specific - mostly because I didn’t have an awesome manifesting story myself. Yesterday that changed and I feel like I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t share it.

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tapping into your best self

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping is a technique very similar to acupuncture that capitalizes on the meridians in your body but that can very easily be done at home without any training. One of the biggest reasons I love tapping is because it’s easy and makes me feel better immediately. Tapping can be used to improve physical health, strengthen relationships, boost confidence, curb anxiety – honestly, there’s probably an EFT video for anything you’d like to change or improve.

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