gift guide for the personal growth junkie

I’ve loved putting together these gift guides, but this is definitely my favorite one yet. The things that I’m most tempted to buy fall into the personal growth category, but I think those are the things people are most hesitant to buy. I hope these ideas inspire you to encourage the growth and development of any of the self-improvers in your life!

law of attraction basics
  1. Books

    Hands down the easiest to buy on this list and probably the most bang for your buck. I LOVE a good personal development book and there are so many great ones out there. My very favorites in order:

  2. Events

    This is probably my favorite thing on this list because I would be thrilled to receive this as a gift. If anyone wants to spot me for the Alison’s Brand School + Alt Summit ticket, I’ll love you forever. Conferences, industry events, Ted talks, a creative class from something like Skillpop, tickets to an art exhibit, a yoga class, or a spa day - all good ways of inspiring, learning, or stirring up the creative juices.

  3. Courses

    I am also loving this idea as a gift as well. I love Jess Lively’s Flow with Intention class and A Beautiful Mess has some great classes as well. There are so many bloggers and small business owners who create courses based on their experience in their niche and gifting them is a great way to give back to two people at once! If your giftee has any favorite influencers, take a look at their site to see if they offer any courses for a guaranteed win.

  4. Planner or Planning book

    Planners are always an easy choice for anyone who loves to optimize, but I also love the idea of a goal setting or planning guidebook. A secret Santa bought me this and it was such a thoughtful + fun gift. I’ve heard good things about this Chapel Hill based company’s goal setting products and Golden Coil offers fully customizable planners + notebooks. Consider a gift card for these too so the person you’re gifting can customize their own gift!

  5. Office supplies

    I think this one speaks for itself. New pens, markers, highlighters, cute scissors, fun sticky notes, etc. Anything shiny + new that’s also practical is a win-win.

6. Desk ornaments

A cute pencil holder, motivational calendar, patterned folders, or a stress slinky are all welcome additions to a desk. This desk clock is freaking adorable. I also love my trinket tray for compiling the random things sitting around on the desk.

7. Notebooks

As mentioned, Golden Coil does great custom notebooks, but there are so many cute options out there. I used and love this ‘be nice’ notebook. These vintage Barbie and Toy Story moleskins are adorable and I love the idea of a leather bound notebook.

8. Audible Membership

This is great for those who are extra busy or have a long commute. You can give a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month membership to Audible.

9. Backpack or Laptop Bag

Another of my favorite options really for anyone who carries a laptop around consistently. Here are a few good options:

10. Caffeine Support

Every boss needs something to get their day going. I love a pot + cup set, something happy to start the day, a cute travel cup, a good reminder, or a little support in mug form.