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how i beat my anxiety

I don’t write this post title lightly and I acknowledge that my levels of anxiety weren’t as bad as some. I was never medicated (though in the worst throws of it, maybe I should’ve been.) I tended to err on the side of “I’ll just deal with it” and most of the time, it didn’t severely impact the way I lived my life. That being said, it still sucked and I always tried my best to temper it. I’m not a doctor, but I’d like to share my take on how I was able to significantly decrease my anxiety. I know this won’t be the end-all-be-all for everybody, but it’s something to consider.

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7 awesome self-improvement books

Obviously I’m a serious self-improvement junkie and I believe that books are some of the best value if you’re going to invest in yourself. You don’t have to spend $1000 on a course to learn some of these concepts. Of course, those courses do offer different benefits than a book, but if you’re just starting out or on a budget, here are a few of my favorite personal development books that will help you uplevel your life.

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gift guide for the personal growth junkie

I’ve loved putting together these gift guides, but this is definitely my favorite one yet. The things that I’m most tempted to buy fall into the personal growth category, but I think those are the thing people are most hesitant to buy. I hope these ideas inspire you to encourage the growth and development of any of the self-improvers in your life!

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