a seb approved gift guide for men

Gift guides on blogs can be a little overdone, but I do like to hear recommendations from someone I trust. I approached these gift guides (more to come!) from that place - recommending things that I/we already have and use or things that are on our list.

Without further ado, a gift guide fit for Seb (or an guy that’s easy to please and hard to buy for).

mens gift guide
  1. Joggers

    My mom bought Seb a pair of joggers for Christmas last year and they’re the most worn thing in his closet by far. I swear he only does the laundry so he can wear those pants sooner. This pair comes in a bunch of different colors so he’ll probably end up with a few more pairs come Christmas.

  2. Slippers

    Seb is also video gamer meaning he’s sometimes still awake later in the night when the heating schedule lowers the temperature. This results in him coming to bed with freezing cold feet that wake me up. These slippers are happening ASAP.

  3. Cordless Drill

    Seb LOVES his tools. He’s pretty proud of his collection and his drill is the number one most used. Plus, if you stay in the cordless family in the same brand, you can use your battery across different tools.

  4. Cordless Circular Saw

    Cordless is clutch. It’s nice to be able to just grab this when you need to make a quick cut , but it’s also versatile enough to work for a lot of different jobs. This is a perfect first saw for a collection and is great if you do projects off site (aka at a vacation home) and need to travel with it.

  5. Grilling/Tailgate Multi-Tool

The ultimate tailgate accessory. This is something that we’ve loved and used for the last few years. And as the packer of the family, it’s really nice to have one tool to pack instead of 5.

6. Straight Razor

This razor was the first thing Seb named when I asked what his favorite purchases were. Something he uses almost every day and I’m pretty sure is emotionally attached to. Traditional facial hair tools/products are always a win. *And as Seb was editing this post, he insisted I include a ‘good brush’ and ‘some really good shaving cream’ to go along with it.

7. Water Cup/Bottle

I feel like this might be a personal preference, but we’re definitely water bottle people. As in we take them everywhere - five minute trip to the grocery store, long road-trips, and even all over our house. They don’t normally leave our sides so I need them to be functional but also cute. Seb is currently using this cup, but we’re also big Hydroflask fans.

8. Casual Jacket

I have never known a person to love a zip up jacket more than Sebastian George. When I met him he had no less than 4 of those kinda old school black fleece jackets and I hated them because they made him look like he was still in high school. So I quickly upgraded him to this one and he just bought this one for himself.

9. Quality Jeans

Similarly to the jacket situation, when I met Seb he was still wearing a lot of his American Eagle jeans from high school/college. He looks better in a slimmer fit and ordered these jeans during a recent Everlane sale. Funny story, he recently got obsessed with Everlane because he realized they’re focusing on making eco-friendly products and decided he needed to enlighten me on this amazing brand not realizing that I already had several Everlane pieces in my closet. He’s always last to the party and it cracks me up every time!

10. Button Ups

Switching to a slim fit was the final nail in the coffin for Seb. Getting clothes that fit him well really made him realize how good he can look without much work. Now he’s on board with making sure his clothes work for his lifestyle, but also look nice, which for him means a slim fit button up. Button up and jeans are acceptable for his workplace and it’s definitely his uniform. Gap is his go-to for most everything, but especially slim fit shirts. Bonus, they’ve got some good wrinkle free options and holiday colors!

seb approved mens gift guide