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law of attraction: all about resistance

Resistance is the reason why when you decide you want something, it doesn’t magically appear in front of you immediately. In order to receive something, you have to be a vibrational match to it and if you have resistance around it, you aren’t going to match. So resistance is when your subconscious thoughts are contrary to what you want. If you want one thing, but you expect something different, you’re going to get exactly what you expect. A lot of times, what people expect is not necessarily what they want.

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law of attraction: why it's simple but not always easy

This is the disclaimer I always want to give people who are learning about law of attraction, so they don’t assume they can produce a million dollars in their first week: this process seems really simple, but we’re humans and we like to get in our own way so it’s not always easy. We get attached to outcomes and create resistance so that the Universe isn’t able to get what we want to us.

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