where i am: november

november update + plaid shirt

Where did October go? Last month in my monthly update, I talked a bit about my hope of getting momentum going on the blog and that was a definite success! I was so excited to get going (and still am!) that I have really enjoyed sitting down to get things done for the day without any struggle or resistance. I’ve gone to several events and have met some new people in the area which was one of my goals. Overall, I feel like the last 4 weeks have been huge for personal and business growth and I’m so proud of how far I’ve come in just a short time. It is a true blessing when you get up at the end of the day and think, “I really love my job.”

november update + plaid shirt
november update + plaid shirt

October was full of both business and personal growth.

Here’s a rundown of what we did in October:

  • Concert

  • Wedding

  • Hockey game

  • 1 workshop, 2 events, 3 webinars

  • Pizzeria Toro for the first time…and the second

  • Girls brunch with some new friends

  • Busch Gardens for Howl-O-Scream

  • Coffee with a blog reader to discuss LOA

  • Halloween party + lots of candy

november update + plaid shirt
november update + plaid shirt

What’s on the docket for November?

My intention for November is to let go.

Given that this is a business, my business + strategy mindset is quick to jump back in, which is incredibly helpful when I need it, but it’s not the mindset I want to make all my decisions from. I don’t believe that hyper-focusing on growth will be healthy for me and I certainly don’t want to force anything. So I’m setting the intention to let go and let the chips fall where they may. With this business, I’ve been so certain that this is the right thing for me that it seems inevitable things will work out and I am aiming to fall back to that certainty instead of getting caught up in forcing growth.

I’m launching something in December that I’ll be working hard on for the first part of November. I’m excited for a holiday offering that aligns well with my brand and is something I would have personally loved to have had the past few years. Bonus, it’s free so stay tuned! I’ve also got a lofty January of 2019 goal that I need to get working on as well. More to come on that.

A few things that I want to improve in November:

Getting ahead on content.

It’s very easy for me to sit down and crank out an article or two for the week, but unfortunately, I only do that about once a week so I’m not usually well ahead of schedule. I’m hoping to get better about always being 2-3 posts ahead. And even more for Christmas so I can take a few days off.

november update + plaid shirt
november update + plaid shirt

Taking pictures – for the blog and in the moment.

Taking pictures for the blog is quite a bit harder than I anticipated. Finding a time, making sure we have somewhere to shoot, making sure the light is good, and making sure that I’m fully ready when we’re set to go. I keep doing things like forgetting to take off my hair tie from my wrist, forgetting earrings (ugh), or forgetting to put on lipstick. While I’m not letting these things stop me from using the pictures, I really want to get in a better rhythm with the picture taking process, so I can feel excited about the pictures we’re taking rather than thinking about all the things that I would’ve done differently – and also so it’s easier on us! I’d also like to get better about taking pictures of normal things we do just to have them on hand. I’ve never been a picture taker by nature, so this will be a habit I have to set for myself.

Sharing on video.

I’ve had an aversion to talking on Instagram stories that I need to move past. I know it’s important for branding to have a strong personal connection with your audience and Instagram stories is awesome for that. I just haven’t figured out how to talk to a camera. I’m working on it!


In other news, this is my new go-to casual outfit. I’m a jeans and button up girl at heart and I love this take on it - a cozy flannel and my new favorite jeans. And if you love flannel, do yourself a favor and grab this affordable plaid dress too.

So those are my intentions for November in a nutshell! I’m excited to see how things unfold because I feel like I’m already so much farther along than I would’ve thought at this point. I’m excited to create more connection and inspire more people as they join us here on the blog. If you know someone who would enjoy my content, I’d love for you to share! Every little thing helps and I so appreciate everyone who is already spreading the word. I wouldn’t have gotten here without all of you! Happy November!