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how to use the law of attraction to: get a new job

When most people approach law of attraction, they have an end goal in mind. Given that fact, I thought I’d do a little series of how-tos for manifesting different outcomes and up first: getting a new job. Don’t forget to check out more of my law of attraction articles here.

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7 awesome self-improvement books

Obviously I’m a serious self-improvement junkie and I believe that books are some of the best value if you’re going to invest in yourself. You don’t have to spend $1000 on a course to learn some of these concepts. Of course, those courses do offer different benefits than a book, but if you’re just starting out or on a budget, here are a few of my favorite personal development books that will help you uplevel your life.

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law of attraction: all about resistance

Resistance is the reason why when you decide you want something, it doesn’t magically appear in front of you immediately. In order to receive something, you have to be a vibrational match to it and if you have resistance around it, you aren’t going to match. So resistance is when your subconscious thoughts are contrary to what you want. If you want one thing, but you expect something different, you’re going to get exactly what you expect. A lot of times, what people expect is not necessarily what they want.

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