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a green bar cart for spring

At the moment, we have approximately 653,543,234 projects on our list for this house, but I’m doing my very best to enjoy where are right now. Part of that means making the most of what we’ve got now, including this bar cart. While I did have to move it to take these pictures (a brown background wasn’t working for me), I set up the bar cart like I always do - and this time with a green theme for spring!

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my winter bar cart

Normally, I’m a Christmas decorations until January 1 type of person, but this year I went ahead and swapped out our bar cart before we came home for Christmas so it’s one less thing I have left to do when we get back. Originally, I was thinking about going with a buffalo plaid cocktail napkin and doing heavier decorations, but once I pulled out the champagne glasses and remembered my mini string lights, I knew a simple gold theme was in order.

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